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I have inherited the art of making extra-virgin olive oil and I intend to hand it on without dispering any single detail of the laborous practise. I have learned the techniques of cultivating olive trees always keeping them vigorous; I was taught that wise and drastic pruning reduce the quantity but elevate the quality of olives; I know how to determine the correct ripening grade of the drupes and that they must be picked manually; I press the olives with the traditional method of a cold-working fringe by means of a press with wheels and I preserve the olive oil that I get by respecting the strictest hygienic regulations.
This is what my family has handed down from generation to generation and this is what I hand down to my children and I’m sure that I will continue obtaining an olive oil that satisfies the most demanding esperts thanks to its taste and nutritional values.
According to the variety of the olives that are used, to the geographical position of the corresponding cultivations and to the agronomical techniques, I can distinguish my production in the following way:

Extra-virgin olive oil 100% Italian product,
Extra-virgin olive oil P.D.O. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta which stands for “Proctected Origin Denomination) “Terra di Bari” Bitonto.

Our olive oil mill boasts the production of extra virgin olive oil P.D.O. certified (protected origin denomination ) Terra di Bari “Bitonto” achieved by following strict rules of production that refer to the procedural guidelines issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry according to which the denomination of origin “ Terra di Bari” accompanied by the additional geographical name “Bitonto” is reserved to extra virgin olive oil obtained from the following varieties of olive trees, alone or in combination in the olive groves; Cima di Bitonto or Oliarola Barese and Coratina for at least 80%.
Also other varieties of olives can be used, alone or combination to an extent not exceeding 20% (co.2 Art.2)


We use the quality certification management systems in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.


On the label we use the words “cold extraction” checked by the suppression of frauds by using a calibrated thermometer and we note and register the temperature of the olive oil during and at the end of processing keeping it within the limit required.



Use of organic fertilizers for biological cultivations.
Olive picking by hand.
Variety: oliarola, coratina.
Picking period: October, January.
Goods are stocked for maximum twelve hours before milling.
Altimetry of the olive trees: 100/200 metres.


Colour: green-yellow.
Taste: herbage taste with a slight bitter-spicy sensation.



The prestigious P.D.O. “Terra di Bari” Denomination additionally mentioning “Bitonto” is awarded to the oil that is obtained by the variety of olives called “Cima di Bitonto” or “Oliarola Barese” and “Coratina” which all come from limited area.
My company obtains its P.D.O. olive oil by processing olives which are exclusively cultivated in Bitonto.
When it’s tasted, all the features which have made it so unique and typical can be found: its herbage taste with a slight-bitter spicy sensation.


It’s obtained by using selected olives, for both their quality and ripening grade, both during the picking of the olives and preparation of fringing. Their fragrance is exalted by making them undergo a processing which respect antique techniques.
Of course, for the above mentioned reasons, my oil is unique and my employees and my self are proud of it.